Robert F. Mullen, Ph.D.

Northern California

PLEASE ACCESS “RECHANNELING.ORG” Dr. Mullen's publications have been accessed in over 43 countries. His contribution to New Trends in Psychobiography (Springer 2019) outlines and clarifies both qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis and their interactive objective and subjective contributions. Finding the one-size-fits-all recovery approach inadequate in addressing the totality of an individual in recovery or transition, he has been researching more practical approaches through psychobiography, integrating positive psychology’s optimal functioning with CBT's behavior modification, neural restructuring, and a program called healthy philautia which focuses on revitalizing positive self-qualities. A former teacher of method acting, Dr. Mullen has incorporated Stanislavski’s emotional retrieval and retention in practicums. Dr. Mullen's most recent published work, Abstractions of Intent: How a Psychobiography Grapples with the Fluidity of Truth is in C-E. Mayer, Z. Kovary (Eds.) New Trends in Psychobiography from Springer Nature Switzerland. ( Enlisting Positive Psychologies to Challenge Love within SAD’s Culture of Maladaptive Self-Beliefs In C.E. Mayer and E. Vanderheiden (Eds.) Handbook of Love in Cultural and Transcultural Context will be in bookstores in July.

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