Robert Sheriff is an Author, Poet and Actor, Singer, Historian from Adelaide in South Australia, Australia. I am writing this as a third person to help you understand me. I know that you will not agree with everything Robert says in this Biography.
Robert Sherriff was a part of the Stolen Generations The Government removed him from his parents in 1961. Where he suffered sexual abuse by adults used by the State Government of South Australia. He is now retired. Robert at one stage had 18 people working for him with the NBN. He is an Author-Poet Actor Model Singer Historian
Robert self educate as I only ever went to grade three. I can send you a lot more about my history.
I married Carol 38 years ago. I am a father of six, a grandfather of ten and a great-grandfather of two
Robert is now the voice for all those who don't have a voice

Robert Sherriff-Australian - Actor-Model-Poet- Author-Singer- Historian - Photographer
Robert Sherriff Author of NOBODY'S HOME
Robert Sherriff Author of Dirkbell – CHILDREN'S BOOK
Part of Wolf Creek TV series 2015
Part of Movie 'Maurice’s Symphony’ 2015
Motivation Speaker
Movie - Snuff 2016
Movie - CULT 2016 by the shore
Australian Copyright Act of 1968

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