Rocky Road

I grew up in Atascadero, CA meet the man of my dreams who grew up in Santa Maria, CA, we had a beautiful little girl in Templton, CA. We rented an old mobile home 3bed 2bath on 10 ac with the most beautiful view around. Our rent was cheap for CA, we both made very good money, yet still struggled month to month! Jim is very talented and very smart... he’s worked as a mechanic, tree trimmer, Class A truck driver etc. everyone of his bosses would give him a glowing recommendation, but his heart was always in the rocks! He loves hanging from ropes of steep cliffs, drilling with giant drills into the side of horrific mountain.... yeah he’s crazy! He decided to go back to this line of work well I was 81/2 month pregnant, planning to start two weeks after little Ella Sue came into this world. It was great for awhile but time took a toll and he missed his family just to darn much, so he came home and worked as a mechanic. I ran my own business delivering nuclear medicine up and down the beautiful California Coast, although it was nearly and beautiful at night.. when I worked... which was tough stuff with a young baby! After about a year, Jim and I started talking about him going ack to Rock Fall and us just loading up in a trailer and going with him... wow you mean leave sunny Cali and go who knows where, places it snows? Yeah, sounded like an adventure to me, I like rocks, Ella likes rocks, so why not you only live once, right? So for about 9 months it was all talk until one day Jim told me he got a job and a new up and coming Rock Fall business TripTych. He leaves next month.... Awww ok. And he did, he left, out to the great state Wyoming! I gave myself two months, packed up our three bedroom house, bought Jim a plane ticket home... and then bought a 5th wheel ( a week before he got there). He helped finish loading everything into the trailer pulled it out and left two days after he arrived..... Well that was a brief catch up, this is our story, on the road with a energetic two year old, and big Rot pup, and every we own in a 5th wheel trailer( besides a small storage unit we got back home) Off to chance rocks and support Jim as he makes the roads a safer place literally risking his life every day. Every 3 or so months it looks like we will move to a different state. I am taking lots of pictures, and plan to share the troubles and the joys of full time RV-ing! Here we go!

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