Roger Coathup

Roger Coathup helps companies generate innovative product & service concepts, predict competitor moves, and test projects and decisions under a variety of alternative futures. He has led futures thinking projects in sectors as diverse as digital media, engineering, offshore technologies, and knowledge based service industries.

Roger began his career in software development, and then spent several years consulting on trading and risk management systems at major investment banks worldwide. His publications include pieces on artificial intelligence, new media and product innovation, and he has lectured on strategic business planning.

The ‘Business Futures’ workshop is a highly interactive session. Roger will first introduce you to the art of scenario based planning, before facilitating a group analysis of the key trends and driving forces in digital media, the world of work, the regional economy, and global politics that will shape the next 10 years. At the end of session you will be enthused with new ideas and opportunities for the future of your business.

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