hi! I call myself Rohit CHAWLA. I AM living and learning and experiencing and observing and exploring and wondering... A to Z of life! (not perfectly, but up to best of my being level)

[A]: being right Actor and taking right ACTION in the outer world we live in;
[B]: enjoy reading the BOOK of life, riding on my planetary BODY along with the ride of our living planet on BULLET (i.e., royal enfield);
[C]: exploring astronomical wonders and COSMOLOGY;
[D]: experiencing nature's DESIGN;
[E]: living and sharing "ENJOY LIFE, every moment!" with Eminence:: embracing, inspire, engage, celebrate!
[F]: living FOURTH WAY teaching;
[G]: understanding and withstanding GURDJIEFF's WORK teaching;
[H]: exploring HARMONY in working of our three (3) centers;
[I]: exploring INNER landscape, exploring INDIA;
[J]: project spreading JOY;
[K]: project creating KUSHI;
[L]: meeting with remarkable LIVING LEGENDS and understanding wider perspective;
[M]: Music + Meditation + Mind;
[N]: learning from NATURE;
[O]: listening to voice of OSHO;
[P]: PIANO and POETRY experiencing deep rhythms of creator;
[Q]: finding my QUEST in life, deepening my Questions;
[R]: experimenting with RUBIK's CUBE and weaving logic into story;
[S]: working with prime movers of society - SCHOOLs;
[T]: TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL to harness the energy of Earth;
[U]: understanding laws of UNIVERSE - World's creation and World's maintenance;
[V]: finding VEDIC roots with music and dance, science and mathematics;
[W]: WORK-ing on myself;
[X]: X = 'experimental'; experiencing the EXPERIENCES (my X, your X, our X);
[Y]: learning YOGA in every action;
[Z]: ZERO in Waste (

~ ®©