Published writer of a children's book ("Teardrops to Rainbows") and a stage play ("The Christmas that Almost Wasn't"). Rededicated my life to Jesus in 2009 and began writing a weekly Christian blog not long after in order to know my Savior better and to share the Good News. I'm also a leader in our church's Celebrate Recovery ministry. It's fair to call me Calvinistic. In fact, I've become a "Theology Nerd" over the last decade because I love reading/absorbing the writings of inspiring authors, especially those who were instrumental in initiating the Reformation. I've written several novels and screenplays as well as being a lifelong musician/songwriter. I've recorded and released 6 albums of original tunes with John Davis over the last seven years ("Two Old Friends" in 2013, "Llano St." in 2015, "Raspberry Hill" in 2016, "Put a Bird On It" in 2017, "Heart Lines" in 2018 and "Short Term Pleasure, Long Term Pain" in 2019). You can hear and download all our music on Spotify, Apple Music and under the name of Davis-Anderson. I currently reside in Forney, Texas with my wonderful wife, Debra. To God all the glory!