Published writer of a children's book ("Teardrops to Rainbows") and a stage play ("The Christmas that Almost Wasn't"). Rededicated my life to Jesus in 2009 and began writing a weekly Christian blog on this site not long after in order to know my Savior better and to share the Good News that saved me. I'm also a leader in our church's Celebrate Recovery ministry. It's fair to call me Calvinistic. In fact, I've become a "Theology Nerd" over the last decade because I love reading and absorbing the writings of inspiring authors, especially those who were instrumental in initiating the Reformation movement. I've written several novels and screenplays as well as being a lifelong musician/songwriter. I've recorded and released 7 albums of original tunes with John Davis over the last decade, ("Two Old Friends" in 2013, "Llano St." in 2015, "Raspberry Hill" in 2016, "Put a Bird On It" in 2017, "Heart Lines" in 2018, "Short Term Pleasure, Long Term Pain" in 2019 and "Caramel, Whiskey & Smoke in 2020). You can hear and download all our music on Spotify, Apple Music and under the name of Davis-Anderson. We also perform live as a duet in the Dallas area. I currently reside in Forney, Texas with my wonderful wife, Debra. To God all the glory!