About me, eh? Born and bred in Buffalo, NY. Home of the unique yet simultaneously infinitely diverse delicacy, appetizer, indeed - entree - known as the 'chicken wing.' Just occurring to me at this moment: my writings seem to mimic said appendage in their diversity and occasional improvised spontaneity. As I tend to try to write most of my posts in one sitting, season them with the first spice that comes to mind & just let them flow as they may. Only editing if, upon a reread, even I can't figure out just what the heck I was meaning by a particular phrase or borrowed song lyric. I leave the ones that make me shake my head or laugh or elicit a silent 'wtf where did that come from?' From fat & suicidal hot to skinny little musings with barely any meat on the bone - hopefully you'll find some tasty morsel or other that'll make you laugh, make you cry, nod in agreement or at the very least just make you sit back and smile. Thanks for coming. My treat. ... Peter