Sarah Rajkotwala - Author & Spiritual Teacher

Hi, I am a Spiritual/Metaphysics teacher and a writer of spiritual enlightenment topics. I love teaching people how to use spiritual enlightenment in a practical way in their daily lives and how subjects like the law-of-attraction can be used in a positive and conscious way for the betterment of all.
I also teach how love can be used as a tool to change everything for the better in your life. I adore the idea that the written word can inspire and create profound shifts in realization, enlightenment and joy. One written line can move, inspire , create joy and teach all at once. I know I have been inspired by the teachers before me and hope to do the same in my own way.
I teach in person in my classes and workshops or via the written word with my book, articles, blog posts and Facebook posters.

I also specialize in teaching how to communicate with the plants and fairies via mental telepathy. Nature inspires me on every level and I love using original photos from my own garden in all of my posts.

I work closely with the angelic and fairy realms, my higher-self and God. I love channeling writing from my angels and sometimes include their high vibrational loving words in my writing. I enjoy teaching from my large organic country garden where I hold spiritual classes and workshops in country South Australia.

Spiritual writing is one of my passions, I also enjoy gardening, sewing, knitting, crochet, watercolour painting, and nature photography. I have a Mediterranean climate cottage garden, jam packed with old roses and granny flowers in my Sunny South Australian garden. I also love animals, birds and nature and all the little visitors who visit my garden I like to record in my photos.

My first book about gardening with the fairies, 'The Year of Talking to Plants', it is available for sale through this link :

on Amazon –

Plus its available from Book Depository, Barnes and Noble, Ebay and other good online sellers.
My Second book "Fairy Sparkles" is a spiritual life manual on how we can all live a better life using out intuition, your angels, positive talking and thinking, guidance etc. How to create 'miracles' in an everyday life.

My New Book : "Conversations with My Vegetable Garden" is a self explanatory title with lots of channeled words from the plants and vegetables themselves. A Vegetable Garden Adventure.

I write New Age magazine articles for Australian publications and around the world.

I also am an admin and and owner of my Facebook pages 'Love In Action' and 'Petals and Buds'.

I run Petals & Buds Spiritual Teaching and Nature Classes in South Australia. I also run Spiritual Classes & Workshops via Skype for my International students.

All of the posts on this blog are my own original writing and the original photographs were taken by me of from my garden.

I hope you enjoy your visit and welcome.