Roshni Ramanan

I find zest in delving into the complexity of the abstract and giving voice to the unsaid and that is precisely what my blog will constitute. The contradictions of life and the living are of irresistible intrigue to me. A passion to explore and word what escapes the unseeing eye has induced in me an unquenchable craving to write, if only to make concrete my perceptions.

I hope my blog will be an instance of serendipity for you as the intricacies of emotion and experience, whether universal or unique, are spelt out with no reservation or judgment. My indomitable curiosity and an ability to find beauty even in the mundane allows me to conquer time and relish every drop of the elixir of life, as I am fascinated by the psyche and the million questions it poses and enthused by every story that walks around me !!

I write in the hope that I can make you think and I can make you feel.