Ross Punton

I am a 34 year man living in England in South Tyneside.
I have Asperger’s syndrome. This means I often process and think about thing differently.
No before you ask I have no hidden talent. Sadly those with autism are not all geniuses despite what films like Rainman may tell you.
If I had those number skills I’d be loving it up in mansion somewhere!!!
Joking aside I try to live my life as enthusiastically and productively as I can. Taking thing day to day.
Even if I would sometimes rather stay in bed!!! I try to keep busy. When I feel overwhelmed I try keep a sense of perspective. I have a few hobbies.
I am a keen runner and have done the GNR several times.
I am also an enthusiastic writer and am always looking to improve my skills. I am working on a novel.
I have also performed open mic at a number of poetry events around and have been an invited performer ar a few events.

I work for Northumbria Healthcare trust as an admin and I also volunteer through work as an equality ally helping to promote and raise awareness of equality and diversity in all its forms. This includes helping run a group for people with autism within work.

So yes it fair to say I’m a mixed bag. I like to keep busy. I have my own insecurities and make plenty of errors but I try to learn from my mistakes. Now you can too. Enjoy my blog.