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United States

Hi my name is Robert and I’m NOT an Internet Millionaire! I’m just a regular guy who has managed to figure it out, started making money online and changed my life.
I first started making money online back in 2015 and after a little break, in 2018 I decided to try it again, and I’m not going to lie to you… It was hard at first, very hard.
In the very beginning I was spending hours upon hours online, trying to make money and… nothing!
I’ve also spent quite a bit of money on different systems, courses and software that promised me to make loads of cash instantly. Of course most of it was a bunch of BS, but at first I just didn’t know any better…
In the end of the day I treat it as a hard and expensive lesson in what does NOT work.
Fortunately I was persistent enough to finally find a way and start making income online – and in 2019 I went full time!
The idea for this blog is simple – it is to give you an insight on how I managed to make it from nothing to success…
You’ll find no nonsense and no BS here so if you are looking for ‘get rich quick’ schemes this place is probably not for you.
I also believe that you can have all the tools to succeed but you won’t achieve anything without the right mindset and focus, which I like to write about as well.
I truly hope I’m able to help on your internet marketing journey and look forward to getting to know you.
To your success!!