The Blog is mainly aimed at reblogging news of interest we harvest on counter-info platforms on the net and friendly sites. We don't necessarily share the whole content of each of the published posts, although they may look consistently linked, in a way or another, to the Weltanschauung of the authors. We also consider Irony, Satire, Parodies and caustic Banters as a great weapon against the ever Liers and a potent, targeted kick in the back-bottom of politically correct boobusses and deviant supporters of the demokratic regime, any color should they show. Don't get outraged if you happen to stumble in them. The layout is quite informal and to casual readers it may appear the site to be a gambling house of news where the anarchic rule represents the standard. Actually the blog reflects our rapid response to nowaday's war on information. It's up to you to pick the news you are more interested in. Moreover if you honestly want to contribute with active posts, feel free to contact us. Jedem das Seine