Hi. I’m Ruelha from Chennai city, India. I love life, not because it’s always been perfect; I just feel the universe responds to what you present. I am an extremely hopeful person by nature. Hope and faith form the backbone of my very existence. I firmly believe that as long as you have breath, there’s always room for hope. I have chased many rainbows only to realize that peace is the most precious of all treasures. I found my peace in Jesus and I would not trade it for anything else in the world. We are here to spread joy, love and bring peace to each other. I am of the opinion that our existence on this earth is just an evanescent affair. When you finally realize that nothing is permanent including possessions, relationships, health and life itself, this task seems a lot simpler. I’m a regular person, albeit with the heart and mind of a child and I love all things bright and beautiful. I enjoy cooking and savoring a variety of cuisines, making new friends, the typical girly stuff like fashion and grooming. Although I am not very good at it, I absolutely adore taking pictures of food, makeup, fashion, people, selfies and flowers. So I combined everything I am passionate about (including writing) and put it up here to share some bits with you. Hope you enjoy! I promised myself I will never compromise on my beliefs and values. Everything out here is from my heart. If it's on my blog, I have either had these experiences personally or researched the subject matter extensively, although I refrain from putting up second-hand experiences. In my attempt to safeguard the interest/identity of persons, I use homogeneous analogies which do not alter the veracity of the subject matter in any way.