Rukhsar Khan

Assalam O Alaikum/Hi!

My name is Rukhsar and I am 15 years old. I am a girl with big dreams and goals that are to be achieved soon if Allah helps me.

The two things that I am very much interested to acquire knowledge about is public speaking skills and writing skills. I am trying to improve and develop my skills here. I don't write on any particular topic but you will find different topics that I'll be discussing.

Other than these I am a person who wants to be surrounded by positivity and wants to spread different messages to the world on peace and love.

I am a muslim and I am struggling to be a good one. I do commit sins and I am not perfect but still I want to spread knowledge about our deen through my words and wants to be a part of some good work.

I want to work for my country and the people of my country. I am patriotic Pakistani but to be very honest I also fail to prove to be a good citizen at some points.

This is just a little about me because it is of course very difficult to describe yourself in few paragraphs.

So ending here, I'd like to tell you that you look amazing while smiling and I'd wish you the best. Thanks for reading this.