While growing up in the southern California beach and surfer scene, I was always very fashionable. The

styles (or lack of) essentially went un-noticed to me until the early 2000’s when my wife and I decided to

marry on the beach in Curaçao.

Knowing I needed something special was an understatement; suiting my already picky style tastes while

satisfying my need for individuality would be a real undertaking. Finding little, I was forced to design my

own clothing for the day. That was when I found I could do good things, and subsequently realized my

passion, and my path. I began designing high quality, stylish, lightweight, and unique designer beach

wedding attire.

Shortly after starting and quitting my corporate life, I had met up with an old friend and now partner

Kevin from college whose specialty was online marketing. We started on a path of mediocrity blending

in perfectly with our competitors … Then the customers began to talk - and we listened.

What we found was the customers needed even more flexibility, diversity and individuality than what

we were currently offering.

Fully customizable clothing for style, fit and color matching was launched. WeddingTropics began.