30 years young (or rather old), born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, moved to the countryside when I was ten. Grown up with horses, dogs, and many more. Crazy about reptiles and amphibians - kept some myself , worked on a reptile farm in central Alabama during my high school summers. Qualified FGASA field guide in South Africa - I absolutely love southern Africa, the nature, the animals and the people. Studied in Washington, now back in the military since fall '13. Being trained to work on helicopters. I found a job (or rather profession) that's fulfilling and interesting. Spending my free time outdoors; still enjoying horseback riding, farm work, 4x4, hiking, and everything else that's nature-related. Vegan on the weekends (thanks to my mom), but I'll be expending that; it's more than just food-intake, it's a life style.
Annoyed by the consumerism and superficiality of modern society; even though I catch myself falling back to it, I'm trying to break free. Minimalistic (similar to being vegan) is a trend that's becoming more popular nowadays since people don't get satisfied on the long run with their "standard life."