Sabrina/Bree Giles


Sabrina Giles is a full-time mom of two beautiful princesses, but one day she decided to turn her part-time passions into part-time dream jobs. She’s the author of the upcoming New Adult Paranormal Fantasy series, “The Dark Relics Saga”. She’s the Founder of Fabled Ink Media & Design, which offers editing, formatting, and cover design services. She’s an artist of several mediums, working on setting up an online store. Lastly, she is also a new mommy blogger who goes by the name Bree Giles at A Southern Charmed Life, who likes talking about more of her everyday life, clean eating, reviewing adult books, writing adult books, working from home, her art, all things makeup and hair and other girly things.
When not doing any of these things, she does the dishes, fails at keeping up with the laundry, and spends precious time with her family. She resides in Texas, owns a fat cat named Cinder, and a flatulent Boxer named Hera.

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