Sahro Ahmed Koshin

We Are The Generation Of Possibilities #Somalia

I am a Somali woman and I live and work in Somalia. I am committed to not only the idea but the reality of a Somalia that is able to transcend famine, war, disease, dictators, incompetent and corrupt "leaders" and every other plague it has been subjected to to become what all those who fought for her independence dreamed she could be. May we stand united for the voiceless. May we inspire the weak to stand and lift those in need. We can make it happen.

I don't expect it to happen in my lifetime but I hope to contribute to that process and lay a solid foundation which is strong enough to be enjoyed by generations. I tremendously enjoy campaigning for sustainable peace and development and I also enjoy academic challenges. Helping those in need in a personal way is something that is deep-rooted in me, something that is part and parcel of my spirit and nature.

I am a social entrepreneur and a fundraiser for women's causes. I truly believe in the power and potential of investing in Somali women and youth and therefore completely devote myself to this cause. I have a passion for Justice & Truth and I have worked in the gender and governance issues the past 10 years.

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Poetry, activism, writing, leadership, human rights, gender, education, complex emergencies

My Vision for the Future

We Are The Generation Of Possibilities. Lets Create Possibilites For Ourselves and Grab Those that Pass Our Way With Both Hands and Feet.

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Goodwill Ambassador Sahro Ahmed Koshin
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Gender Issues in Somalia Blogger
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