Las Vegas, Nevada

Check out my website at This website has my resume and news reel on it for recruiters to see newscasts I have produced, and articles I have written.
Bio: I have spent the bulk of my professional career in Broadcast Journalism, Public Relations &Social/Digital Media Marketing. I am accredited by the S.P.J. & utilize AP STYLE when writing pertinent content for a newscast or for a website. I have also received an Accreditation in Public Relations by the U.A.B.

Besides being a skilled journalist, I am proficient in using cutting edge media marketing methods to draw consumers to a specific website or post. At all the news stations I worked for it was required of me to post content to social media platforms, reach out to the community, as well as know how to market whichever show I was producing.

While in college I was able to hone my talents in public speaking. I competed on Grossmont College's Forensics (Speech/Debate) team. While on the team, and due to my amazing coaches, I was able to win numerous national public speaking titles and two international titles while competing in London at the International Collegiate Speech Tournament.

Besides the aforementioned skills, I am proficient in Public Relations & Branding via Social & Digital Media. Due to my career background as a journalist, I know how to write & create enticing digital media campaigns aimed at certain demographics & consumers. As well as draft press releases & submit them to appropriate organizations.

I majored in Communication with an emphasis on Interpersonal Communication/Broadcast Journalism. This area of study encompasses all major forms of communication: journalism, social media communication, advertising , public relations and oratory & rhetoric.

I always take being a journalist seriously. As journalists, we are bestowed with the great responsibility of articulating an event/story, after sufficient research, in a way that does the topic justice & is meaningful for a viewer to watch or reader to read. I also maintain journalistic ethics as outlined by the AP.

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