Saleem Rasul

A little man in a little town in the KSA (that's Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia), far from the the land that he calls home and the things that he loves. Grimly facing the prospect of another year without being able to play with with little toy soldiers. Stoically reminding himself that he must serve a greater good.

Saleem Rasul is a champion amongst champions! A hero amongst heroes! A legend in his own time & in his own mind. He bravely braves the unknown, overcoming adversity with the tenacity of rabid wolverines all the while retaining an immaculate hairdo! Women swoon & men cry in his presence, children shower him with candy and lesser beasts bring forth their kills for his approval. Such is his awesomeness that even nature bows before him!

Even now, as he waits to be struck by inspiration so he can continue this drivel none can deny just how very damned pretty his hair is! These are the adventures of Saleem Rasul in the world of miniature table top gaming, a world where anything can happen within the scope of the rules and sometimes even beyond them!