Sally Ember, Ed.D.

St. Louis, Missouri USA

Sally Ember has been passionate about writing since she was nine years old. She’s won prizes for her poetry, stories, songs and plays. She began meditation in her teens. Now, Sally delights fans of science-fiction, paranormal and romance by blurring the lines between fact and fiction in a multiverse of multiple timelines, often including exciting elements of utopian science fiction and Buddhism in ebooks of "The Spanners Series" and on her blog. Born Jewish on the cusp of Leo and Virgo, Sally's life has been infused with change. Currently, she lives and meditates, writes, swims, reads and plays piano in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, back where she grew up (Ladue High School---in St. Louis, that's the first thing to share!). Sally is also a nonprofit manager, educator (doctorate, master's and BA), life-long feminist, and parent of an amazing adult son.

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