I'm Sam, I'm a fifty something who lives on a boat and never felt better.
Life's been a roller coaster just like so many peoples', but I feel I've come out the other side a better person having learnt so much along the way.
With a loving family and childhood, a difficult time at school, a strange choice of higher education, one emigration to USA and back again, various jobs, businesses & life experiences under my belt including two amazing children, post natal depression, close family bereavements, one great marriage, a sad divorce, an early menopause and a second, long term relationship in my life. I can safely say life's been interesting, but I've made it past 50, (which, when I was a kid I thought was ancient!) and I'm very happy, busy, fit & active. Along with my fella, we snowboard, surf, mountain bike and walk, a lot. Just thought I'd shout about it :-)

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