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The keyword tool used in AdWords can greatly help you come up with relevant keywords commonly used by internet searchers whenever they look up a product over the app store. Once you have these keywords strategically positioned in your ad banner and title you can be sure that a percentage of the potential buyers will be directed to your website once they click on the ad. If you have questions or are having trouble with getting your ad approved send me an email with your question and I’ll do my best to help you figure it out.
This feature allows you to show links to pages on your site inside your PPC ad instead of just one URL. You can show up to 4 site links at a time on an ad, and you can setup to 10 links in your campaign rotation. So as an example, you may want to show a link directly to your services page or your free download page, and right within your PPC ad, someone can click through to the exact page they want to see. This way you can up-sell or cross-sell right from your PPC ad