South Africa

Fantasy fiction/ spiritual animator. I'm a 34 year old Angel with a shotgun, and well... hopefully I turn it in the direction of the bad guys!

My love of literature has become part of my expression. I find comfort in the act of writing. There is a certain kind of color in words, that color evolves like a mystery as we listen closely. Our minds are fulled with words and by decorating them in loving-shades we can experience our own dissolution as we merge with a never-ending story. Our aptitude to listen to our heart deepens our capacity to feel and born of love our feeling becomes creative. You see... Our story longs to be creative, colored and free from the ego. The ego which would put everything into neat blocks and rows and live in its own sheltered cocoon simply fears the rain from the ever changing clouds of mystery woven in the heavens above or perhaps deep down in the deepest darkest wretches.