A Hue in a Wave of Hues and a Wave in a Ocean of Waves in a Multi-Verse most of which are undetectable by the human eye, ear, nose and tongue. A student of life and a teacher of what I've learned yet also a distant relative to all living and non living things whom communicates in both the verbal native languages of the being and the universal non verbal native language of all beings (non spoken communication) with the intent to bring peace (when it is desired) and suffering (when it is appropriate) for realization of what is true, leading to increased awareness, mutual happiness and the general awareness levels higher to all. Visit
it is what we should study and work towards especially since we have the ability to prepare for what happened cyclically throughout our collective human history; The Rise and Fall of civilizations and the political systems they used. A healer whom uses instruments that resonate with the soul, spirit, mind, body. Drum - Heart, Flute - Lungs, Vocal Chords