Sankha Subhra Debnath


Currently I am a student. Throughout my high school career i have exposed myself in some of the most mind blogging topics and questions mankind has been asking for centuries. I am keen to Explore , gain knowledge, understand the universe and the mysteries it holds. I have a deep taste in The Supernatural Realm with its context to scientific relations and rationalism. Astronomy is something I love very much. The night sky has baffled me since childhood. With the current situation of Modern world we have disconnected with our inner self and the true Knowledge that exists. I take into account some of the great philosophical ideas,logic,scientific understanding, history,imagination,fantasy,daily life deeds (to mention few) to see and live in the world from a bigger perspective. Trapped in the illusion of Reality, the truth is much more stranger than Fiction. I have been Researching on Conspiracies, Supernatural, Mysteries, spirit science and its connection to the Scientific understandings. Science fiction is something i very much look up to when I think about the future of humanity in the cosmic voyage. As a Freethinker I don’t bound myself to the norms of the Society- An independent Researcher. I also do philosophical write-ups.