The quality and authority of sites that link to you are among the top search-ranking factors, after all. However, some claim that it’s getting increasingly difficult to generate links. It’s here that PR and the use of influencers can have a significant impact, enabling you to earn links from other high-authority domains that are relevant to your site.
Working with influencers, or having your business or brand featured in the news media (hopefully in a positive way, but this isn’t actually essential in this instance!), is a great way to generate natural back links for your site, to further improve your site ranking. There are a few ways that this happens. In some cases, you might work with influencers who have their own website, with a blog for example. If not, it’s likely they’ll have access to some other digital channel, like their Facebook feed or Instagram account, that has high authority with Google because of the sort of traffic they are getting. The key thing is high engagement — as Google values this greatly. When these influencers create content on social media, blogs and vlogs and link it back to you, they’re not only getting the word out, they’re creating a quality link.
Think of link building as an online popularity contest — each link is a vote, effectively. Because of their authority, an influencer sharing your link increases the chances of other people sharing that link (more votes), so your reach, and link collecting, can extend that way.
According to a Moz study, the quantity and quality of social shares are among the top nine ranking factors for your website, too. The more popularity your link has, the greater the chances too of other even higher-authority domains — like the news media — picking it up; this is the allure of something going viral. Not only does it get seen by more eyeballs, it gets viewed more favourably by Google.