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Anaheim, CA

My name is Sara. I am an Anaheim, California native, now currently living in Rancho Cucamonga—home of wineries, sidebar jokes from old comedy skits and the occasional fun geeky activity. I’m married and have a WONDERFUL husky puppy named Scout, a rainbow bridge resident husky mix named April (passed over 2/5/2020) and one human autistic 4yo son. I always describe myself as a so-cal momma with a midwestern twist and an Alaskan heart with a love for my dogs, my family and my fun hobbies. I have family from both Ohio & Indiana, went to school in Evansville, IN and sometimes my midwestern roots show a little too much :)
School wise I currently have Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies from the University of Evansville, which I obtained in 2005 and a Master of Arts in theological studies from Fuller Seminary in 2014. Currently I am starting a second Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology from Cal State Fullerton in August 2020. One day hope to complete a Ph.D. in Theology of the Hebrew Bible, concentrating in the language & historical context or in something affiliated with Educational theory and Instructional Design related to special education/autistic learning. I also have a certification in Dog Training from Animal Behavior College and continue to take Insurance classes at work to achieve an Associate in Claims. What can I say--if "professional student" was a career, I'd make a fortune. I love anything discussing people’s views on faith, living, language, reading, etc etc etc.
Spiritual Life Wise: I am a follow of Christ. I try to live up to what I think we are called to be but fail miserably most of the time. But thankfully I believe in a merciful God who gave us Jesus and gave us His Word as a means of trying to understand it all (i might also add I don't think ANY of us will ever get there here in this’s more like a Revelation, next life in the Kingdom of God thing.) I am also moving towards a more liturgical, traditional meaning of the church--what it means to be in community with other who are also trying to follow Christ. If this means I'm a little be it! Tradition in the church lived on for generations--so something had to be enticing about it all so why not live in a neotraditional world. It doesn't mean it has to be boring, unrelated or lack significance. COVID has definitely changed our lives—and I’m trying to work this into life as well.
I am also autistic, have ADHD and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (or PCOS.) I believe in neurodiverse mindset that there are different neurological differences in the world and that we need to learn to include all types in our understanding of learning and processing. I also admit that while struggling with these personal issues, I also acknowledge I have white privilege, I have money privilege (not much but more than most) and intelligence privilege. Systemic change starts with admitting where things have gone wrong and start to change them. Discussions permitted as much as possible but I am still learning, and my emotional struggles are from the minority so some things may take longer to process. But I am learning.
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