Sara Altaf Khan

I am Sara, a healthcare professional. This is not my first time blogging. It came to my knowledge that ‘kind of blogs’ exist in the media a year ago. I had written willingly and unwillingly postings on my other blog, which I deleted a month ago. My old blog site had accomplished its mission, so the site was deleted. I had met many good people on my previous blog site, so I will try to reconnect with them. Human life is not immune, so it faces both good and bad things. I had ignored many options and choices in the past, so I have decided to walk solo in this overpopulated world.
Humanity is over-rated, so I won’t talk about that anymore. I have seen many dead souls, so I have lost faith. I don’t believe in any type of isms.
The devils and demons had entered my house silently, and I had become MKG, who has lived 8 years in a hell zone. Afterward, I had a wonderful life with my protector, my soul, and the love of my life. However, my protector has also killed me. My protector is my killer, who also had taken each piece of my life. Today, I have nobody to talk to. I have lost my family, personality, humanity, and finally, my job.
I am a creation of a gallantry award winner who also taken my soul, dignity, courage, and most important thing he has taken the humanity out of me.
I am a nomad now who wanders here and there. Yes, physically, I am alive, but why. This is my blog now. My so-called sweet sister has lost control over my life and blog, so she cannot use me anymore. She is not a stringer anymore. I am not her puppet anymore.
Thanks to church lady Nora who always couraged me to use my blog to the ventilation of my feelings. I have lost trust both in love and humanity. In other words. I don't have any other options left.