Kathmandu. Nepal

THAT SCRIBBLER is Sarthak Parajulee, a Writer living in Kathmandu, Nepal.

After his graduation in business administration, Sarthak's passion for written words and a sincere interest in business/marketing took him to the "noble" field of Advertising -- a profession, where he now gets to live the best of both worlds.

Whenever he's not writing for the clients, he likes to spend his time writing fiction. Or reading. Speculative-fiction or Non-fiction books on marketing, advertising, psychology, and behavioral economics are his favorites.

He's often found talking gibberish and claiming them to be ancient demonic tongue. Crede quodth ishar, ul' et begoth!

He also loves watching movies, cartoons, football (#manutd passionate!) and writing about himself in third person.

Cause it's cool.

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