Savera Society for Human initiatives (SSHI) is a United Nations- Accredited NGO in Special Consultative Status with the UN-Economic and Social Council Since 2018.
SSHI is an Indian, not-for-profit and non governmental organization meeting a critical need in Indian society.
SSHI operates on the principle of humanitarianism, believing that people’s well-being is the most important goal for which to strive. Following from this are a focus on lifelong learning opportunities to all, environmental awareness, critical health issues, youth employment, development of women and children, economic & social justice, biodiversity, energy & water conservation and poverty alleviation that makes clear our humanitarian mandate.
SSHI is a well known organization, we provide a wide range of services right across India. We assisted thousands of vulnerable families and children since we began operating in 2009. Our work is connected to similar efforts undertaken by national and international associations of social workers.

Specific Objectives:
The major objectives of the organisation as enshrined in its MoA are to :
• Establish literacy centers to eradicate illiteracy and poverty.
• Work for the welfare & development of women and children.
• Organize free medical health check-up camp.
• Protect the environment through plantation and other activities for ecological development.
• Abolish child labour.
• Make poor unemployed youth from villages self employed.
• Establish School, College, library and Study hall.
Awareness Programs:
• Environmental Protection.
• Child Labour Abolition.
• Promotion of literary and literate environment.
• Biodiversity/Water/Energy Conservation.
• AIDS /Leprosy Eradication.
• Health and Sanitation.
• Youth Motivation.
• Social Justice.
• Consumer Rights.
We aim to help poor & needy, to work in every aspect humans can be benefited.

Organization owns a capable governing body having system of management, planning, evaluation and resource utilization which are of a high standard and which strengthen institutional capacity and Sustainability. Besides it has a legal structure, transparent and communicating information, financial management practice and working collaboratively with other NGOs.

"Care and Welfare" at the disadvantaged to change and development activities which are directed to concerns and issues which affect the disadvantaged or which are detrimental to the well -being of people or society as a whole. Our NGO engages in both direct and indirect forms of action.
“Help Poor & Needy”

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