Scientology Map

L Ron Hubbard removed proper credits to in writing of Dianetics & Scientology and by doing so forcing anonymous to make the fundaments to the church of scientology. Heavily inspired already as a young boy getting 2 initiation at AMORC as 16 years old. And here is a lot of very special things that makes differences in any map.

AMORC once was known as the mail order magician order that probably would send som magazines and publication to bancrupcy of they stopped their massive advertaisments. Ads and AMORC, the PR of the orden, the catch in G - by the order of a dream. As i see it now the Young L Ron Hubbard was hereby heavily inspired, he wanted to be like the Ads in AMORC as a Man, Xenu and implant he already now since thats the sencond initiations in AMORC. But the PR and marketing of AMORC is unique.