1. BA-II Film
2. Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief, this was the first book that i took a liking to and actually finished the entire series in grade school. For some reason the book made it seem fun to write fiction novels.
3. E.T, this was the first film that got me interested in VFX and SFX and is probably the reason i ended up loving to study the process of creating effects for films.
4. Films inspire people to become many things and i can't help but feel that the films we watch and produce shape the world of tomorrow.
5. Brendon Yuri, as a person that loves performing i can't help but admire his way of performing and his passion, not to mention his insane skills.
6. Bacon and eggs (My childhood favorite, no idea why hahaha)
7. Taekwondo, Perfoming, Creating Short Films