Hope Chen

Hi! I’m Hope and I will be a sophomore at the University of Michigan this coming fall. I’m currently studying international relations because I hope to gain a better understanding of the lives of people all around the world and a knowledge of how to help others in their unique circumstances.

Every day, I aim to increase my perspectives and constantly broaden my mindset. I love to meet new people who I can develop meaningful and lasting relationships with and am always seeking new cultures to engage in. My ultimate goal in life is to spread love and positivity and through that, to help those around me. I’d love to learn more about life through the people I meet and will always have an open mind to the ideas of those around me.

I love new cities. Understanding the structure, the people, the passions, the culture of individual cities is one of my favorite things. I can be found aimlessly wandering for hours in new cities, snapping pictures of things ranging from massive mountains to garbage in the street. I take pictures of things that evoke emotion in me, and everything that I capture through my camera lens holds meaning to me.

My hope is that this blog will be a positive influence and encouragement for others to pursue their passions in life and to see beauty of the world that we live in. Thanks for reading!