Therese Work

I have started this my first website. Always been my dream to build one. I love being online. To me it's a whole new world, but I love the real world too and my favourite interest is walking. Reading, meeting people and going to movies and restaurants are some of my hobbies. I have kids who love animes so I got caught up in that too 😄 I love going to the beach on any given day rain or shine, but rainy days are the best for me. Coming back home from one of these excursions and then listening to the pitter patter of the rain on the roof or the drumming sound it makes is my lullaby and the sound of the surf pounding on the reef is another.
Writing my first book and it’s an amazing thing finding out how capable you are of building a story up and then that story taking over in the telling. The things I’ve learnt about myself while writing this is just phenomenal. I love what I’m doing and doing what I love.