Selmable Blog

I´m a daughter, sister, wife and a mother.

I´m a coffee addict, love books, like to learn a new thing or two.
I love to discuss everything from politics to what to have for lunch.
I'm a mature University student (BSc Psychology), and hopefully, I'll graduate in late 2019 (fingers crossed)!

I usually take things as they come, but I really don´t like to be lied to, I mean, who does?!!? AND... I have a vivid imagination!!

I have a BEAUTIFUL daughter. Loving, and caring parents, and sister, and I have my best friend as a husband (do I need to say more)... and lastly, our dog.

I´m interested in psychology and most things surrounding that subject. I love to travel - although I don't do that often enough!! - and meeting new people.