Seneca Basoalto

Seneca Basoalto is a student of Psychology and Philosophy who is currently completing her BA in Creative Writing. With 23 years of published creative writing experience – plus a background in the backstage music/movie scene – she’s used her experiences and skills to pursue multiple avenues of writing. Her French/Spanish Basque lineage can be seen influencing the attitude and magnetism of her writings. Some of her works include philosophical essays featured through SNHU, a compilation of poems included in a Love Anthology released by Z Publishing, a book of love poems titled Captain & the Scientist for sale through Barnes & Noble and Amazon, Therapeutic Writing Program Coordinator for A.R.I.A., as well as poetry collections published through, Barrow Street, and The Moth. On the side of her writing, Seneca also performs submittal readings and critiques for Frontier Poetry.

For now she resides in the Black Hills of South Dakota.