I have been thru so many life journey's that have made me stronger and wiser. I went thru so many twists and turns and jumped thru hoops to make it where I am today. No one is perfect, everyone has a dark side, everyone makes mistake. BUT, most people change for the better, I did. I battled addiction for 36 years...Clean & Serene!! I've overcome mental, physical, and sexual abuse...I am a Survivor!! And now, I'm still battling with my mental illness...Trying to stay Strong!! Just believe in yourself, and remember anything is possible. And with all this said, I decided to start my own blog page so I can share with the world all the journey's I have been thru, good and bad. I hope most of you can relate. And I hope ya'll like my page and find it inspirational or beneficial. Thank you. #Strong #Positive #MindOverMatter #SobrietyRocks #Survivor