Settling into a new town is definitely exciting but might not be as easy as it sounds. Our four year old son uses the word “hicca” in place of hiccups. Yes, definitely there are many hicca on the way to settling into a new town. We moved to El Paso a few years back from the East Coast and have been wanting to write our experience for some time. We hope our stories will help others in overcoming the hicca on their way.

We decided to keep our identity latent in our blog. We know that readers prefer to connect a face with the content. May be, day by day, we will make our identity open through our stories. Until then, please accept our apology. This blog will include posts related to (but not limited to): parenting, child development, education, educational family-activities, travel, local events, do it yourself (DIY) items, and many other stories that we will experience here in El Paso, Texas.

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