Very happily married to my wonderful soulmate, who is thankfully just as childish and silly as I am :) I have a wonderful stepdaughter, fantastic family (including five crazy cats haha) and some amazing friends, all of whom I'm very grateful for :)

I enjoy making jewellery and have recently launched an Etsy Shop to sell it online. My shop is AmethystarDesigns and I've created myself a very basic website at, but I hope to have a fully functioning online shop there at some point.

I love to sit by the sea, walk through the woods, or just sit in the garden in the sunshine :) Reiki is a massive part of my life, I love sewing and taking photographs, I enjoy gentle Pilates and I believe in Angels and Fairies :)

On the flip-side, I love to watch sci-fi/horror films and tv series and kill zombies/aliens on the xbox. One of my friends once described me as an 'odd creature' and she's probably right, but that's okay because I embrace the slightly odd and quirky :)