Michael Parrinello

I began to develop addictive personalities at the age of 13. I was raised by one of the most gifted, resourceful and resilient mothers who’s life just happened to fall apart right at that age of 13.

My stories after of sex, wearing a chastity belt,
Puritan purity programming and how I separated my self from this world can be seen as very extreme.

I was schooled and emotionally provided for by my grandma and mom, both of whom are so intelligent yet humble. I was never directly forced into a believe system or religion, as mom said “God was in your heart & your smarts”.

Both grandparents were emotionally available for me so my rooted securities could develop healthily from 1-8 years old. I had incredible girl cousins raising me, and then was able to watch the growth of my 3 boy cousins.
I was in the suburbs of a small city with cultural diversity. I took classes aside from common core curriculums in 5th/6th grade.

My dad was not an absentee father and all my family members communicated with me to the best of their ability.

I am easily in the 1% of most fortunate.

My family was scrutinized In the public eye with sports and politics. I myself or my mom never really fit in to norms.

So I did what any teenager growing up in a 2008 stock crash, who was dependent on sports & intellect as his identity crutches.

It’s like my Boston sports team and M.I.T visitations meant very little when I became too injured to play and too disobedient towards my father to care about school or a social identity.
Porn, cannabis, & walking the woods become my addictions of the unknown spheres.

I became spiritually reborn again at 21 and here I am now at 26 to lay out for you my complete rehabilitation of my consciousness into an adult male.

And may I offer this for the first class of children born at the advent of cameras, watching on a computer 9/11/2001, the internet in elementary school classrooms, porn in middle school, and most having an iPhone in high school.