Faith Won The Day

Chicago, Illinois

There are many subjects I am interested in and I would like this blog to cover various points and issues. I believe that opinions should be voiced without fear of retribution from anyone but I must stress RESPECT must be given at all times. I want to explore different avenues of thought, different ways of others.

My blog will start off with mortgage fraud for that is what happened to me but that will not be the primary topic I will always discuss.

This site is for informational purposes only. The goal is to save others from the pain that we the victims have experienced and to show who some of the players are that were involved. The people here are small compared to those who have never been prosecuted for the mortgage frauds that ripped at this country. I am not sure if any of the major players responsible for the mortgage frauds that hit this country have been indicted let alone found guilty but at this point, I do not believe they ever will be. As I have stated previously I am not a lawyer nor do I give out advice. I strongly suggest that if you feel victimized you contact a lawyer, the state or your county for help. Keep good records and be prepared to be active to the point of being a pain in someone’s rear end. DO NOT GIVE UP!
Please voice whatever you may want to talk about and I will try my best to give us a smooth conversation flow.