Shalzmojo came about from two things - Peeps fondly call me Shalz and I love to do my thing (mojo - J is pronounced as H)
My blog is that space wherein I indulge in fantasies by writing romantic fiction, express opinions via reviews on food-movies-books-music, explore the spiritual side by delving into meditation and self improvement musings and get a kick by writing my travel experiences which I further highlight with my photographs.
Photography is a huge passion of mine and yes I also undertake it professionally! So if you would like to purchase images for your blog or would like to schedule a photoshoot for that great profile pic for your blog or style some shots for a blog post that you are writing on, drop me a line here or email me at
Other services offered via my blog are:
1) Book reviews
2) Restaurant Review
3) Product review
4) Travel review

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