King of Hearts

Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and experiences. What you will read in my posts basically sum up my life and how I see the world. Through the years I have been working to find that one fantastic project that reaches all aspects of my life and makes a difference. I found this source of encouragement through the formation of the Share the Love Campaign.
I am just starting the 20’s decade of my life. The beginning of a new life decade has encouraged me to seek a lifestyle that would bring me fulfillment and contentment. I believe we all feel overwhelmed with stress, work, school, and other journeys we follow in life. I want to go through life working, learning, and reaching out; while making everything matter. My goals in life are to find meaning in everything, to not be overwhelmed with duties and responsibilities, and live in a constant state of contentment. I found my ideal lifestyle in the minimalist study, which promotes “simple” living. My blog will reflect my minimalist discoveries and my Share the Love Campaign.
Again, welcome to my world. I hope in the journeys to follow that you will be touched and inspired through my personal discoveries.