Be True, Be You!

It is amazing that no matter how well you think you know yourself, you finally come to the realization that you have to think very deeply about what actually makes you special and help others to see what you've known all along that you are truly amazing and have a lot to share. Since this is my first blog I am honoured and delighted to think deeply about what I really think of myself and paint it in words. I can safely say and believe that, I am a person who is focused on their emotional intelligence. I aim to see solution to most things that are complicated and try to keep it simple. I do not believe a specific destination as I see life as a journey. I am not afraid to learn and view myself as a student of life. I am eager to learn new things and welcome all ideas and opinions.

I am new to writing and has a passion for learning how to achieve emotional freedom by placing high value on self-development. I am a mother of three young children and love writing about my personal experiences and ideas. I am currently in love with writing and have self-published 8 EBook's on Amazon. I recently successfully completed my first novel and hope to start my second one.