o awaken to my true nature is my oppurtunity
i have a deep inner urge to find the essence of knoledge and mysticism.i love to study and learn about the great mystries of life. due to this urge i require a considerable amount of time alone in peaceful surroundings........

seeker of the knowledge of god
Job Objective To acquire new skills and contribute my talents in a productive and creative work environment

Education Matriculation
Passed out in 1976 from the Convent of the Good Shepherds, Chennai
PUC (Humanities)
Passed out in 1978 from Etheraj College, Chennai
Subjects : Logic, Household Arts
Passed out in 1981
Subjects : History, Economics, Indian Philosophy, Sanskrit

Work Experience -Worked as a healer in reiki, acupressure, shiatsu, reflexology and aerobics at the Osho International Commune across India, America and Europe

-Worked in the catering department of Osho International Commune across India, America and Europe

-Worked in restaurants and hotels as a waitress for the same

-Worked as an accountant and secretary for the same
-Worked as a relationship counselor for the same

-Worked as a salesgirl, accountant and bookkeeper

My Strengths
Openness and willingness to learn new approaches
Willing to work in accordance with the company needs
Good public relations
Good communication skills
Interests Gardening, Yoga & meditation, Physical fitness, singing, Study of Sanskrit, Engaging in spiritual retreats, social service, human resources development work,
Languages known
English, Hindi, Sindhi, Tamil (spoken), German

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