Shinro AERF

I started doing 3d modeling late, at the age of 20 when I afforded to buy a low end PC using my student merit scholarship to pay its monthly installments. I studied computer science, wanted to become a professional 3d artist, however took the job I found in advertising design where I did print, desktop publishing and design. I got sick, had 4 surgeries and as side effect, an incurable illness called SBS. After surgeries did some mountain trips to recover and took some landscape photography, continued to do some 3d design in 3dsmax & zBrush. Later studied a bit of identity design and did some freelancing for a couple of years. Easiest I find to do is photography, when I see something beautiful or interesting. I fight abuse also and did it for years with AERF, my community on FB & G+. All these experience helped me cure SBS without any meds or drugs and to find the Compatibility Law and true love.
Since I found my half ^ true love I discovered that the Compatibility Law is the Law of Creation, Life & Time or the particle of God all are looking for in labs with accelerators.