My name is Silva Chege and I'm studying a masters in Journalism.

My relationship with film is ever changing, developing and evolving. This is because cinema isn’t just an object or a thing that can be described in one short sentence, cinema is many things; it’s like chi or energy that constantly moves through our hearts and souls. Cinema is like a tree that changes to suit the season and time of year. Cinema is the grand stage for wars, big ideas and exploring galaxies. Cinema is an intimate space where we explore the subtitles of human relationships. This is way I love cinema; because you can’t just put it in a box and hide it under your bed, it doesn’t just blow away in the wind or sometimes escape your memory. Cinema is everywhere and it means something different to each and anyone of us, each individual film acts like a best friend only we can see.

My best friend is called Midnight Cowboy, a true classic of American Independent cinema that deals with brotherhood, dreams as well as nightmares and disillusionment in a beautiful way. Midnight Cowboy also possesses two majestic performances from Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight, who made you laugh like you were a small child again, whilst at the same time tugging at your heart strings with the ease of angels on harps.