The Silver Elves are a family of elves who have been living and sharing the Elven Way since 1975. They are the authors of 50 books found on Amazon about magic and enchantment and The Elven Way, the spiritual Path of the Elves. The Elven Way is not a religion. While all elves are free to pursue whatever spiritual path they desire, or not as the case may be, these elves are magicians and follow no particular religious dogma. The Silver Elves do however believe in all the Gods and Goddesses, (also Santa Claus to whom they're related, the tooth fairy as a distant cousin, and the Easter or Ostara Bunny, no relation.) and they try to treat them all with due respect. The Elven Way promotes the principles of Fairness, that is to say both Justice, Elegance and Equal Opportunity and Courtesy that is respectful in its interactions and attitude toward all beings, great or small. The Silver Elves understand the world as a magical or miraculous phenomena, and that all beings, by pursuing their own true path, will become whomever they truly desire to be. The path of The Silver Elves is that of Love and Magic and they share their way with all sincerely interested individuals. You can read about the Silver Elves in the book "Faery Craft" by Emily Carding.

"To remind us ever of the need to rise up and lift our others with us, to have compassion for others even those who oppose us, to endeavor to understand the true natures and motivations not only of ours’elves but all others, the Shining Ones send us Sages who appear in many forms, in nearly all cultures and speak though various social and religious philosophies encouraging us to strive toward the light, to seek ever the good of all, and to further spiritual evolution in all that we do. We elves call this the Way of the Fair or The Elven Way. The Path is never-ending, the Way is ever before us, the Choice is always now, and we are eternally evolving. This is the Elven Way. The enculturation and other protections that shield the normal folk from the realization of other dimensions are lifted when the elf steps upon the path and begins to tread the Elven Way. The Elven Way gives our lives meaning and purpose. We come to understand who we truly are, that is that we are spirits evolving and we establish a purpose in our lives, which generally might be expressed as aiding ours’elves and all others to fulfill ours’elves perfectly. That is to say, we become who are truly are, which is who we truly desire to be. Remember, we ever wish to be our own true s’elves as perfectly as possible, which means among other things to be happy and successful forever, to live Happily Ever After."
—The Silver Elves