BA - Film
Favorite Book/Novel: The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night Time
Why: I loved this book because it was one of the books that I fully understood and emotionally connected to when I was younger.

Favorite Film: West Side Story
Why: This is my favorite film (as of the moment) because I thought of it to be a beautiful display of cinematic techniques and clever staging.

Favorite Media Practitioner: Ryan Booth (Advertising DOP + Director)
Why: I look up to Ryan because he was one of the people who inspired me to pursue film and it was through him that I was exposed to a different wavelength of imagery through his work.

Favorite Musician: I have none.
Why: I'm too much of an eclectic to simply choose 1 artist or song.

Favorite Site: Business of Fashion
Why: Because I'm a fan of fashion and clothing.

Favorite Meal: Mendokoro Tantanmen
Why: I'm an absolute sucker for spicy noodles and soup.

Favorite Hobby of all time: Walking alone
Why: I like having time to myself.